Mel’s Round-Up weeks 24

What did I Posted this Weeks

03/06/17 – Anime Crush: Hyuuga Junpei

03/07/17 – [Manga] Black Cat

03/08/17 – Re:_Hamatora

03/09/17 – [GtKM]Black Cat

03/10/17 – Top 10 1st Generation Pokemon

03/11/17 – Kpop in Anime: UKISS (Final Post)

**Special Announcement**
I will take a week off blogging the time I fully figure out my new blogging schedule. I was already thinking about changing it after the end of the Kpop in Anime series. A new segment will be introduced and it will be posted on Monday, thus I need to move thing around. When I will be decided on my next schedule, I will to a proper post about it. The only post that will be published next week should be the weekly round-up

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