Once upon a time, I had a WordPress blog and it was about K-POP, but I always had hard time to maintain stuff like this so I ends-up deleting it. Now I’m back, hopefully for good with a brand new blog, but not about K-POP or anything related to the Korean entertainment industry.

This time, it’s about anime and manga. With music, anime and manga are pretty much the only thing that allowed me to forget about how shitty my days can be. I have an another anime and manga blog on Tumblr, but after posting some text post, I realize that I really miss the page editing in WordPress. Here I can but the picture where I want and I can easily change the font size too

Okay, I admit I will have to look back at all the HTML code again, but I doesn’t really mind since I save all the link. This blog might have a really slow start, I might have to dig old stuff I watch and read to find some content, but we all need to start somewhere right ?

Hope you gonna enjoy the content, you can follow me on Twitter and Tumblr if you like

See you soon


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