aomine_daiki_render_by_scamp3451-d6q3o7sDaiki Aomine is a character from the anime series Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s basketball) he use to play in the same basketball team of the main character Tetsuya Kuroko when they were in middle school. He is know to be part of the Miracle Generation. He was the ace of the team. Later when he when in high school he choose a different school, Touou, than his old friend and became rivals. He first meet Aomine not before his match against Seirin, Kuroko’s school.

I will not lie to you at first I wasn’t really fond of that moron, he pissed me off a couple of

happy daiki

time. His cocky attitude was really annoying, but then I realize the reason why he was like that was mostly cause of his pass. he truly love basketball and he practiced so much that no one could beat him at the end, so he became bored and stop going to the practice. Even the other school didn’t wanted to play against him. He start to get bitter and to cover all his bitterness toward the sport he love he became a jerk. What a fantastic way to be a good human being.

But under that cocky attitude, when you dig enough you will find a total perverted idiot with a big heart. He still care about his old team mate and probably miss the time where they were playing all together.

Now don’t ask me with he is one of my anime crush, I just can’t answer that question, but each time I saw his stunt during the game, I founded him really cool, plus he is good looking.

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