**Attention might contain spoiler**

The Joker Game anime  is the adaption of a Japanese novel series written by Koji Yanagi. The novel was also adapted into a live-action movie. The anime series, produced by Production I.G,  run between April 2016 and June 2016 and count twelves episodes.



With World War ll right around the corner, intelligence on other countries’ social and economic situation has become a valuable asset. As a result, Japan, has established a new spy organization known as the “D Agency” to obtain this weapon.

Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, eight agents have been assigned to infiltrate and observe some of the most powerful countries, reporting on any developments associated with the war. In order to carry out these dangerous tasks, these men have trained their bodies to survive in extreme conditions and studied numerous fields such as communications and languages. However, their greatest strength lies in their ability to manipulate people in order to obtain the information necessary to give their nation the upper hand.

I decide to watch Joker Game after watching Anime Bestie comment about episode five and six. The whole concept seems really interesting and I always like pretty much everything concerting World War II. So I watch it and really enjoy it. It’s mature and intelligent that whole spies concept is quite original.

One thing I particularly like about it was the fact the episode are all different story of one of the eight spies, unless the case come in two episode. So if a
character die in one episode, he can still come back alive in the next one.

Since they are all already spies when the show start, we don’t know much about the background of the character, except for one, we know that Odagiri was part of the japanese army at some point in his life. But despite the fact the past of the protagonist are not reveal, we can still notice their different persona.  Each of them are really different and have what it take to do their mission. My favorite character is probably Miyoshi, he might have one of the worst personality, narcissist, arrogant who talk more than often in a sarcastic tone, but that’s why I like him.

An other thing that make me like this anime, it’s the fact that thing doesn’t always go like it should, but they always manage to fulfill their  duties even if they have to die for it.

Joker Game is an intelligent anime and I would highly recommend it to anyone who like the spy genre. Plus it have a pretty cool opening and ending.

One thought on “Joker Game

  1. Conversely to Sakamoto, this was one show that I just did not enjoy. Liked hearing your thoughts though and I know a lot of people got mileage out of it. Just not for me, which is weird because I enjoy this kind of thing typically.

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