** Attention Spoiler Ahead You are Warned**

Nobuchika Ginoza is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Psycho-Pass. He was one of the inspector of the first division of the MWPSB until he was demoted and then he worked as an enforcer. He always tried to not follow the path of his father, enforcer Tomomi Masaoka, and best friend,  enforcer Shinya Kogami, who were both talented inspector. But despite all his attempt at controlling his psycho-pass, it raise after the death of his father during the confrontation with Makishima.

Ginoza is one off those annoying by-the-book character that you want to bitch-slap each time they open the mouth just to tell you that you should go by the rules.  At first Gino really annoyed me, cause of his general way of dealing with the situation. Yes, the guy is a skilled inspector, but it’s not a reason to doubt of the ability of his junior

that was so painful to watch TT-TT
that was so painful to watch TT-TT

inspector Akane Tsunemori. I know why he does that, he saw his father and best friend, who were both great inspector, let their psycho-pass raise until the no return point and becoming enforcer and doesn’t want to see his junior take reckless action

that could lead them to the same outcome.  When come second season, Ginoza character took a major turn, even if the whole season is a filler and have the most annoying character and the one I hate the most, this season is where Ginoza is the best. He is now an enforcer who fully trust Tsunemori who is now his superior. He know what she is capable of and he will do what he can to help her. He still worry a lot about her psycho-pass even if it can’t get clouded.

In the end Ginozeais just an annoying over-protective quite hot big brother

extremely hot Gino as seen in the movie
extremely hot Gino as seen in the movie

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