Sebastian Michaelis is a fiction character of the anime and manga series Black Butler. He is a demon linked to the young Earl Ciel Phantomhive with a contract. The seal of the contract is on his left hand. We doesn’t know much about his past, except maybe that he is probably the one behind the European black plague.

Sebastian Michaelis is one hell of sexy butler, I would sell my soul to him anytime. I’m still trying to figure out the way to summon him.

Since he is a demon he have a lot of abilities that help to fulfill his duties as the butler of the Queen Victoria guard dog. He have deep love for cats  and cats love him. If we could fill the mansion with cat we would do, but his young master his allergic to cat so no cats in the house, unless he hide them in the closet.

He can endorse pretty much any role. He can be a teacher, doctor and even star in a circus, but the one role he have the most perfectly is his

need to take a doctor appointment
need to take a doctor appointment

demonic role, if Ciel order him to kill you no matter where you are he will find you and kill you even if you beg him to not do it. So do not piss-off Ciel…

I like Sebastian for pretty much everything he represent. Plus his is kind of twisted, he do care about Ciel but it’s mainly cause he think that a cultivated soul taste better. So more longer it take to fulfill his part of his contract, better the feast will be.



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