Adaptation of the novel written by Yusuke Kishi and illustrated by Eiji Karasuyama, Lesson of the Evil (or Lesson of Evil) is a seinen thriller manga series counting nine volumes. The novel got also adapted into a movie.


A teacher named Seiji Hasumi is loved by his students and respected by his peers. However, his outward charm masks his true nature. In reality, Hasumi is a psychopath who is unable to feel empathy for other human beings. Specifically, he has a severe antisocial personality disorder. Because of his mental condition, Hasumi chooses to deal with problems like bullying and overbearing “monster parents” the easy way, by systematically murdering his students/parents.

Only sweet mother, when I first hear about this series I was really curious about it, but I wasn’t really ready to buy the manga. I was already reading Gangsta. and since manga can be quite expensive, I rather wait that I bought all the Gangsta. tome available. Soon as I ended Gangsta., I bought Lesson of the Evil first volume and after all the other that I could, cause yes I got hooked.

For once we have a series where the bad guy is the main character. It’s not a concept you see often.  The synopsis say pretty much everything about this series, so I don’t have much to say myself about it. If I say anything I might spoil, but since I want you to read it, cause I totally suggest it to anyone who like psychological, thriller, horror series to read it. There is a lot of taboo topic in it so be warned.

If you guy looking for a place where to read it online you can do it here.

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