Opening, to me are important part of an Anime series, they are the introduction to the show. When a series doesn’t have any kind of opening, even if it’s only an instrumental one, I feel like it miss something like with the first season on Gunslinger Girl. Lately I saw a lot of anime series and I hear/watch a lot of opening. So why not make a top 10. Knowing it can be really painful loading a page with a lot of video,  I will split the post in two-part. In today post, we gonna have the position from 10 to 6.

Before starting the list, I will explain how I process and why some song are not there. First I choose only anime opening coming from series air on TV,  therefore all anime movie opening  were cut, even if the movie was related to a TV Anime series, like Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on the Heaven’s Door. Second I didn’t choose more than two openings from the same series, I applied the same restrictions to the artist/band.

I will tried to post each video for each opening and if I can it will be the full version of the song, not only the TV version.

10th Position
Truth by Two-Mix from the anime Detective Conan.

I will not lie to you, I never watch the anime itself, but I read the manga, I read all the chapter available that I can understand.  Truth is the fifth opening of the anime and I loved it right away, that instrumental intro is just amazing and really addictive. All that electronic/techno element mix with the string and the keyboard make it really pleasant to hear.

9th Position
Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack of Titan)

Guren no Yumiya is the first opening (episode 1 to 13) of the first season of Shingeki no Kyojin. Again the intro did all the job, just love the choir and I must say it really suit the anime. Somehow it give a Medieval feeling to the song.

8th Position
Renegade by Stereo Drive Foundation from Gangsta.
TV Version

Full version

You are really lucky here, I was able to found the two version without any trouble, which is great cause one of the main reason why I like Gangsta. opening was mainly because of the visual sequence. I wasn’t fond of the song at first but after five episodes of start to grow on me and manage to get a spot in this top.

7th Position
Reason Triangle by Quandrangle from Joker Games

TV Version

Full Version

Didn’t really had to post the two version here, but the TV one was subbed and I really wanted to post the full version of it too and instead of looking for the full subbed, I posted the two (yes I’m lazy). If I wanted a subbed version is mainly because the lyric match the anime, it looked like the song was especially written for the series. One thing I like of Reason Triangle is the instrumental. Yes, the song his catchy and I can’t help but sing a long when it play, but the instrumental, mainly the trumpet, make everything better. It really sound if they actually took a song played during this era and use it as opening.

6th Position
Flyer by Bradio from Death Parade

TV version

Full Version

Once again no need to have the two, but my pervy side told me that you have to see Ginti ripping off his shirt.
I love that song, so jazzy and fun to hear. When I hear it, I have to restrain myself to not start randomly dancing in the street. Plus the chorus is really addictive.

This is the first part of my Top 10 of anime opening, really hope you enjoy it so far. Gonna put the link of the second part here when it will be written. So stay around for the Top 5 

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