** Attention SPOILERSSSS Ahead You Are Warned***

Produced by the studio Shuka, 91 Days originally run between July 2016 and September 2016.



During Prohibition, the law held no power and the mafia ruled the town.

The story takes place in Lawless, a town thriving on black market sales of illicitly brewed liquor. Avilio returns to Lawless after some time away, following the murder of his family in a mafia dispute there.

One day, Avilio receives a letter from a mysterious sender, prompting him to return to Lawless for revenge. He then infiltrates the Vanetti family, the ones responsible for his family’s murder, and sets about befriending the don’s son, Nero, to set his vengeance in motion.

Killing brings more killing, and revenge spawns more revenge. How will the 91-day story of these men guided by a tragic fate end?

**Attention Spoiler Ahead You Are Warned**

OMG the series just ended and I really don’t know what to think of the ending. I’m not gonna lie, I was more expecting a big ass fight between Angelo and Nero, but nope they pass half of the episode “chilling” on the road going to see the ocean.  BUT I’m not really disappointed since it have an quite open ending and leave place to a lot of speculation. In my own opinion I don’t think Nero kill Angelo, yes he shoot him cause he  probably knew there was people who was following them, but he didn’t kill him. If he killed him where was the blood and the corpse? The wave couldn’t take him right away for sure.  That’s why I think Angelo is still alive hiding somewhere. We can’t forget he was still supposed to kill Nero for the Galassia. Therefore it can’t stroll like he want in the street.

That being said, this series was great, yes the middle was a bit long and boring on the side, they didn’t really have to show us all the time Nero and Angelo was away after killing one of the Orcos guy. The only thing that came out from this is when Nero talk about what happen when his father, Ganzo, Vanno and him had to kill Angelo family, beside that I didn’t anything that was worth to be shown.

The show really start to get interesting when Nero come back and the killing spree start. For the moment when he come back to the family there is at least one death by episode. We never know who will die next.  Form all the death that happen three are worth to mention. First when Don Orcos got trap by Nero and then kill by Fango. Fango have one of those twisted mind, he actually serve what was left of Orcos body in a lasagna that he gave to Orcos subordinate. Second was when the sweet angel Corteo killed Fango cause he was scared of being sold by Fango to the Vanetti family. He knew he would die if that happen so he kill Fango by hitting him with a damn phone (That was Fango last call XD, I’m so bad don’t pay attention to my stupidity). The last is Corteo death, cause of course the most innocent one had to die to clear his best friend kind of brother of all suspicion. I really hate Nero when he ask Angelo to kill Corteo to prove his loyalty. I wanted him to die and suffer ( but it didn’t happen).

I think a lot of people are dissatisfied by the ending most cause they were thinking Angelo would kill Nero and then kill myself, which would have been logical, but as he explain it, he prefer seeing Nero and his father suffer from the lost of the whole family instead. I think the whole reason for him to get close to Nero was just to be able to control him more. There is a lot of psychological play in the series, that why I enjoy it. The mysteries around Angelo state of mind and plan and the fact we didn’t see the next move coming from miles away make it really interesting.

I liked this series not only cause of the interesting plot , also cause of the character. It really have nice character and even if they are acting like total jerk they still find their way to be likable. At first I really like Nero, his loyalty to the family was admirable, but when he ask Angelo to kill Corteo, I wanted to kill him with my bare hand. He might be handsome, but it doesn’t save him. Concerning Angelo, must of the time I wanted to give him a big hug, poor little angry puppy, even more after Corteo death, the look he had after really crush my heart. those dark circle under his eyes was really painful to watch.

Now I know this post is mostly spoiler, but I will still my recommendation part. Cause yes I do recommend this anime. It might get long and boring in the middle, but bear with it since after that it become really interesting.

In fact Angelo tried to kill Nero more than once
In fact Angelo tried to kill Nero more than once

By the way I really not regretting all those spoilers :p

2 thoughts on “91 Days

  1. While I also expected a more violent show-down between the two, I really appreciated how the show decided to deal with them as characters in that final episode. Admittedly, it also reminded me of my least favourite moments earlier in the series, but looking at it, it makes sense for the ending to be the way it is.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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