Now time to the second part of my Top 10 Anime Opening, but before going with the position 5 to 1. Which opening is my favorite opening? If you want to know it you will have to continue reading. Those five song was really hard to choose, maybe except for the two first position. There is so many good opening out there. Some cut were really painful.

But before going with the 5th to 1st, I will quickly give you the 10th to 6th position.  If you want to read my commentaries about each of them you can go here.

10th – Truth by Two-Mix from Detective Conan
09th – Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon from Shingeki no Kyoujin (Attack on Titan)
08th – Renegade by Stereo Drive Foundation from Gangsta.
07th – Reason Triangle by Quadrangle from Joker Games
06th – Flyer by Bradio from Death Parade

5th Position
X.U by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: Gemie from Owari no Serafu (Seraph of the End)

TV Version

Full Version

I read a lot of complain about the fact the song is only in English and not Japanese, yes those have the right to have their own opinion, but to be honest if they are not happy about it they can just skip it ( was about to say something meaner, but I try to keep the blog PG so I had to hold back). This song is amazing and full of epicness, I really don’t see why they are complaining, plus I read somewhere that meaning behind the song is like if Yuu was talking to Mika and when you read it, it make everything more perfect. . I particularly love the pre-chorus and chorus, it come to get me each time.

4th Position
Out of Control by Nothing Carve in the Stone from Psycho-Pass

TV Version

Full Version

Out of Control is the second opening of the series and the visual sequence opening is just awesome. I really like the song in itself too, some part of the lyric really fit the anime.

3rd Position
Abnormalize by Ling Tosite Sigure from Psycho-Pass

TV Version

Full Version

Abnormalize is the first opening of Psycho-Pass and it’s the best of the two (no shit that why it’s in 3rd position and the other in 4th right?) I really tried to find one but I only manage to get cover version so we only get a TV version with Polish subtile. TK voice is just amazing, at least to me, I’m completely hypnotize by his voice. I really like how the song it’s build, it’s the type of song only this group could do.

2nd Position
Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure from Tokyo Ghoul

TV Version

Full Version

Unravel is the first opening of the anime series Tokyo Ghoul and it’s performed by T.K from Ling tosite Sigure. I said it im my commentary of the 3rd Position song, Abnormalize, I love TK voice, it’s mesmerizing. I really like this one mainly cause of the pace of the song. It sometimes slow and really soft, other time is cause with a faster pace and give a more dramatic feeling. Plus it’s visually stunning.

Before continuing with the first position, I’ll give you my honorable mention. It really broke my heart when I cut them.
The first one is Monochrome Kiss by SID from the anime series Kuroshitsuji, then we have Memories by Grandrodeo from Kuroko no Basuke and finally D-Technolife by UVERworld from the anime Bleach.

Now time for the 1st Position

*drum rollssssssss*

Period by Chemestry from Fullmetal Alcemist: Brotherhood

TV Version

Full Version

The full version is not an other version of the visual sequence, it’s just an awesomely made AMV.
Here we are on the final position, I loved Period, the 4th opening of the series FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, right away, just the instrumental opening tell me the song gonna be epic. The bridge is just as amazing as the chorus and pre-chorus. I love how the song build up in intensity toward the chorus. Everything fit perfectly together live the pieces of a puzzle. The harmony between the two is just great. And like if the fact the song is awesome wasn’t enough, it support visually by a great opening sequence. I could put this song on repeat all day without being tired of it.

Ahhhh this is the end of my top TOP 10 anime opening, hope you enjoy it. Let me know your Top anime opening in the comment below.

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