**Attention May Contain Spoiler**

Nicolas Brown is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Gangsta. He is a Twilight normally ranked B/5 but when he overdose he is ranked A/0. He use to be the bodyguard use Worick Arcangelo when they were younger. But after Nic killed Worick whole family the two of them  left the mansion where they were leaving. Couple years later they work under Daniel, the Bastard, Monroe and later became handyman.

Nicolas is deaf, but despite that he could probably still kill you even with his eyes close. He is a skilled swordman and like to fight. Even more when his opponent is a high ranked Twilight. But even is he doesn’t always think before acting, he is not stupid enough to fight Gina Paulklee, the head of the Paulklee guild.

Nicolas can be a total moron, but he as his soft side, he  do care about Alex Benetto, probably cause she remind him of Veronica, and he have a some kind of big brother relationship with Nina, the young girl who help the doctor Theo.

Even if he can be scary, Nicolas is really precious, sometimes he remind be of a little puppy, even more when he was younger.

He need to be protected from Worick

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