My Guilty Pleasure…

**Attention mature contant must be 18 or over**

We all have a guilty pleasure, something that you like, but that you either ashamed of or you just want to keep it secret and you make your that no one come to know that secret. You barely never talk about it, even to your closed friend, unless they are in the same boat as you.

 I have a guilty pleasure and I really don’t want my family and/or friend to know about it.  I have been trying to write this post since a couple of days but I had to postpone it cause there was always someone around me. Let say I didn’t really want my little sister seeing me writing this post even if she was too concentrated playing some video game.

Two paraphe into the post and I still didn’t tell you the main topic of it, but I guess you can have a slight idea with the warning I put at the top of the page. normally it’s always a warning about spoiler but here, I’m pretty sure there will be any spoiler. I really feel like continuing this post without telling you and get you all frustrated. But nope I will tell you what is my guilty pleasure is if you haven’t figure it out. By the way it’s not Hentai…

So my..

guilty pleasure



Yep Y to the A to the O to the I…YAOI. I’m not totally ashamed, cause it happen a couple of time that I actually read yaoi doujinshi in the bus, but I rather leave my family and real life friend in the dark about it. that probably one of the reason why no one will know about this blog.

I probably read more Yaoi lately than I watched anime. When you know where to find them it’s easy. I read all my RT18 stuff here, but there is also a lot of shounen-ai, cute romance story too. I read all the Haikyuu!!, Kuroko no Basuke, Psycho-Pass and K-project available to read and most of the Free! stuff too. I rather read all from a certain series, so after when there is no release it’s easier to follow.

I have preferred paring like Hinata/Kageyama but sometimes I don’t mine seeing odd one like Hinata/Oikawa or Sugawara/Oikawa (Shittykawa is really popular after all). 

There is series where I have no fucking clue which paring I preferred the most, like Kuroko no Basuke, I seriously can’t tell if I rather see Aomine with Kise or Kagami. One thing is sure about KnB doujinshi is that I really like perverted Kuroko. You might think he is a cinnamon roll, but in fact he is a SINnamon roll.

I mostly read Yaoi stuff, but I did watch two anime, one is Pico to Chico, I only watch the second OVA, and Natsuyasumi. I did also watch Gravitation and Gakuen Heaven, but in both case the anime series is more shounen-ai than Yaoi. Gakuen Heaven manga series is like hardcore Yaoi. I know the website where I read my stuff have some other anime Yaoi series, but I rather read all the doujinshi before. Anyway I have a lot of other stuff to watch before that.

This was my guilty pleasure. You can share you interest for the Yaoi genre in the comment below and let me know your favorite paring in the same time.

4 responses to “My Guilty Pleasure…

  1. Ehehehehehe.
    (*/∇\*) キャ
    Ehehehehehe. Ehehehehehe. Ehehehehe. Love this post. I don’t really read BL doujinshi manga but I do enjoy viewing BL fanart. We’ll see if I get sucked into this part of the fandom. Ehehehehe. Love the images.

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