In general, I like challenge, in the past when I had my K-Blog, I probably made a challenge for each of my favorite artist or group. One thing is sure with challenge is you will have something to post for at least the number of days of your challenge.

One of my follow blogger,  post a challenge on her own blog and I thought to myself…why not. I have stuff to to write other than that, but I think it would still be interesting to do it.

However I will not use to same challenge list as her, I’m really picky so I chose topic here and there to create my own list.

01 – Favorite Anime
02 – First anime you watched
03 – Favorite male character
04 – Favorite female character
05 – Favorite Supporting Character
06 – Your Anime crush
07 – Best Villain
08 – Most Annoying Character
09 – Most Hated Character
10 – Character you are the most similar to
11 – Favorite sidekick
12 – Saddest anime death
13 – Favorite weapon, gear or armor
14 – Favorite attack used in a anime
15 – Favorite romantic couple
16 – Favorite Bromance
17 – Favorite Friendship
18 – Favorite opening
19 – Favorite ending
20 – Favorite OST
21 – Favorite Seiyuu
22 – Favorite Fantasy / Supernatural anime
23 – Favorite Sport Anime
24 – Favorite Magical girl anime
25 – Favorite Sci-fi anime
26 – Favorite psychological / thriller anime
27 – Crossover you would like to see
28 – A series that need a continuation
29 – Anime you could rewatch as many time as you want
30 – Currently watching anime

I’ll stick this post on the home page and try as much as I can (if I don’t forget) to updated with link to the different challenge days. Therefore it will be easier for you to find everything. Feel free to comment on each post your own pick of the day.

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