**Attention May Contain Spoiler**

Shinya Kogami is a fictional character of the anime series Psycho-Pass. He is one if the enforcer of the first unit. Prior the event of the anime series, Shinya was a talented inspector, but after the murder of an enforcer during an investigation, he let his psycho pass raise and got demoted.

According to enforcer Masaoka, Kogami is a stubborn bastard and I can’t say that he is not right. Kogami is like a dog with a bone, he doesn’t let go until he is over with it. When he was inspector is was skilled, now he is an enforcer with profiler abilities.  He is intelligent and know what to do to get the job done even if he have to piss off Ginoza.

That probably why I liked him, I always like that kind of stuff, I’m a Criminal Minds fan, I always enjoyed seeing thriller, suspense, psychological show and Shinya is doing a good job at it. I would really like to say that he hide something more soft, but the event make him to become harder than stone. He do care about his fellow enforcer and superior. He trust Akane judgement, he know what she can do. But despite all that he rather do thing on his own even if it against the law.  Like when he decide to kill Makishima instead of only put him under arrest. He knew the Sibyl System will not kill him, so he decide to do it himself.

I feel you Akane
I feel you Akane


6 thoughts on “Anime Crush: Shinya Kogami

  1. Number 2 on my list of favorite male characters. Kogami is such a bad ass. Epitome of brains and brawn. Season 2 was definitely lacking without Kogami’s character. I felt like season 2 felt flat on so many levels.

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