**Attention May Contain Spoiler**

Gunslinger Girl is a manga series created by Yu Aida and count fifteen volumes. There is two anime seasons, the first one, which aired from October 2003 to February 2004, was produced by Madhouse and the second season was produced by Artland and aired between January 2008 and April 2008. Both season count thirteen episodes.

Season 1 (AMV)

Season 2 (Official Trailer)


In the heart of Italy, the Social Welfare Agency rescues young girls from hospital beds and gives them a second chance at life using the latest in cybernetic advancements. With their artificially enhanced bodies, the girls are brainwashed and trained as assassins to carry out the dirty work of the Italian Government. Despite all the modifications, they are still just children at heart, struggling for recognition from those they love, even knowing the love they feel is manufactured. This tragic tale unfolds as these girls grapple with their emotions in an agency that treats them as nothing but ruthless killers.

A long time ago, I start reading the manga, although the story was interesting, using little girl who should be death to fight the crime is quite the concept, I still drop it mainly cause I got bored to wait after the new volume to come out. But when I start watching anime again, I decide to give a look to the anime series. It’s way faster to watch it than read it anyway, even if I rather read than watch (don’t try to understand my logic).

Of course I start by the first season (duh) and I really enjoyed it. I remembered how I got attach to the cute little Henrietta, the girl is so sweet, but don’t glare at Jose or she might kill you. In fact with the exception of Elsa DeSica, I liked all the cyborg. Then I watched the second season and…holy shit I almost regretted it. First I didn’t liked the new character artwork, their eyes are way to big. I don’t get how Madhouse could mostly stick to the original design and Artland couldn’t. Second someone need to explain me why they follow most of the story except for Angelica.

WTH Artland did to my poor Henrietta
Top Madhouse – Bottom Artland

She is supposed to be death. Angie didn’t get killed during a mission or something, she died cause she was one of the older cyborg and their life span is limited. Her death show that side of their condition. It also show when all the conditioning do to the girl. All her memory lost and shit. Why would you change that? To me Angelica death is not insignifiant. It’s like if they didn’t kill Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist…it make no sense. The only good thing coming out from the second season is Pinocchio (Okay he died but I don’t care) and the opening, beside that it’s pretty much forgettable.

I would recommend the first season of Gunslinger Girl to anyone, as for the second you can watch it if you want. It’s not because I didn’t like it that you can’t watch it.


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