All story have to start somewhere and eventually it will come to an end. It goes the same for anime show. The episode start with the opening and finish with the ending. If the opening is the first capital letter of the chapter, the ending is the final punctuation mark.

I must admit that I have been working in this post for about four days, first I had hard time to choose only ten songs, there is way to many good ending song. Then, I had to rank them from the 10th position to the first one, which was also a real difficult task to do, but I manage to made it and it’s quite an achievement for me.

Like I did we the Top 10 Anime Opening, I will break this top 10 in two post. Also I select the songs the same way I did for the opening, there is no ending coming from anime movie and you will not have more than two ending for the same series, I applied the same restriction for the artist.

Now starting in the 10th Position
scaPEGoat by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]: Yosh from Owari no Serafu

Full Version

scaPEGoat is the ending of the anime series Owari no Serafu or Seraph of the End. If the opening is Yuu talking to Mika, the ending is Mika talking to Yuu and when you look up the lyric, you are hit by all the feels the song can contain. In my opinion, the ending doesn’t sound was epic as the opening, but you can really picture out all the pain Mika feels, that’s enough for me to be in this top.

9th Position
Lacrimosa by Kalafina from Kuroshitsuji

Full Version

Lacrimosa is the second ending of the anime series Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. This ending is use from the episode fourteen to twenty-four. I always love Kalafina as a group. Their harmonies are on point and their musical style match pretty much the whole Black Butler series. They are also doing the second ending of the second season of Black Butler, Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa. I really like the dark feeling coming from the song. It’s the type of song you don’t even need the lyric to understand the general meaning of it.

8th Position
Double by Magic of Life from Joker Game

Full Version

Performed by the Japanese band, Magic of Life, Double is the ending of the anime series Joker Game. If we didn’t need the lyric of Lacrimosa to get the general meaning of the song, here it’s the total opposite. The song have an addicting chorus and might sound really playful, but the lyric itself are quite depressing. However I like upbeat song, therefore the ending totally deserve is place in this top.

7th Position
Uso by SID from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Version

Uso performed by SID is the first ending of the popular anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Once again don’t let the cheerful beat, trick you, the lyric are not as happy as the song sound. That’s probably cause they doesn’t want use to be to depressed when we listen to their song. So they combine an upbeat, cheerful rhythms with a painful break-up story, cause yes breaking up is always a joyful experience. But despite knowing the meaning of the lyrics, I still dance on my chair while typing this commentary, can’t be help this song is really addictive.

6th Position
Namae wo Yobu yo by Luck Life from Bungou Stray Dogs

Full Version

Namae wo Yobu yo or I’ll Call your Name, is the ending of the first season of Bungou Stray Dogs. I felt in love for that rock-ballad song on the first hearing. I’m just deeply in love with the melody. I’m loosing myself in it each time. from all the softer ending, this is part of the best ( the best of the best is high on the list). I like how despite being kind of sad, it’s still carry some kind of hope feeling. The lyric remind me a lot of Atushi Nakajima, one of the main character of the series.

So this was the first part of my Top 10 Anime Ending, hope you enjoyed it.
Let me know in the comment below which is for favorite ending.

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