the first sport anime I watched was Prince of Tennis, and since then I watch a few more and one of them became my top sport anime.

Kuroko no Basuke

I could stare at this GIF for hours

If one if the few anime series where I didn’t really meet any really annoying character, there is a few I want to hit with a chair tho.

3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three – Favorite Sport Anime

  1. Eventually I do need to go back and at least try all the sports anime that I passed over because it wasn’t my thing. The few I have tried have been pleasantly enjoyable and there’s a couple that are regularly recommended that I need to at least have a look at. That is a very cool gif.

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    1. Of course of you ask me I’ll say to start with Kuroko’s. Cause most of the character are likeable, there is a good dose of humor, it got an interesting story and the game are pretty well designed.
      The person who made that gif should have an award

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