Sousuke Yamazaki is a fictional character of the anime series Free!. He made is first appearance during the second season, Free! Eternal Summer. Sousuke is Rin childhood friend. Like is friend, he is part of the Samezuka Academy swim club. In the relay competition he swim in butterfly style. However, Yamazaki is really ambitious and that cause he some trouble, he train so much that he badly hurt is shoulder, but since he is stupid and wanted to swim with his best friend again, he came back to the swimming competition damaging his shoulder a bit more. Congrats Champ!! You are stupid.

Must say at first I was really fond of Sousuke, his way of treating Β Haruka make me have some cold feeling toward. But thanks to the Eternal Summer special and the thousand GIF of him smiling/laughing on Tumblr that whale shark become likable.

How can I stay mad at him
How can I stay mad at him

Of course I know why he was acting like this with Nanase, he wanted to be sure Rin had is change to get selected by some prestigious swim team.

If Rin, is the Haruka of Samezuka, Sousuke is the Makoto of Samezuka. Except he doesn’t look like cinnamon roll, he look more like he could kill you.

Cause everyone need to see this beautiful piece of meat
Cause everyone need to see this beautiful piece of meat


11 thoughts on “Anime Crush: Sousuke Yamazaki

  1. Sousuke smiling is…adorable! Free just has really great gif’s hahaha >///< . I actually don't mind his cold attitude – he probably also harbors some competitive feelings towards Haru since Rin left their middle school to join Haru and the gang. I wouldn't know how to feel if my BFF decided to leave me behind because he found a better swim team – I'd def. feel a bit bitter.

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    1. I agree with you, if I remember well he saw Rin race with Haru, Makoto and Nagisa at the end of thr 1st season, he must have be a bit jealous to see his friend that happy winning with other than him. Sou-chan smiling is really adorable, it make me smile 😁

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      1. Oo Rin is ranked #1! Interesting. Rin didn’t grow on me till 2nd season when he stopped playing hard to get over the friendship thing. Seeing his more outgoing personality with Sousuke definitely earned points in my eyes.

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      2. I think what make me like Rin is the fact that despite playing hard, he still really care about his old team make. He always had that competitive feeling toward Haru, but if the event of the 2nd season had happen during the 1st he would have be worried for Haru. He was kind of worried about Makoto swimming in the ocean. He looked like he could kill you, but he is just a big cinnamon roll XD

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      3. Oh yeah, I remember when he expressed concern about Makoto being in the ocean to Gou – which was when you realized he really did care about them despite his behavior.:) LOL, I’m not familiar with the term “cinnamon roll” – what does that mean?


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