We all know it, there is always a meaning behind a character name, sometimes part of the name can also be reflected on own the character act or look. I’m not gonna go deeply in the meaning, but more that how obviously thing can be.

Nope not gonna start by Hinata and Tsukishima from Haikyuu!!, but by some of the character of Kuroko no Basuke, mainly the Generation Miracle plus Kuroko and Kagami.

First the captain, supreme leader, the Emperor Akashi Seijuro.

AKAshi, Aka mean Red in japanese and of course the guy have red hair.

We can apply the same logic to the four others:

MIDORIma, Midori mean Green

KIse, Ki mean Yellow

AOmine, AO (or Aoi) mean Blue

MURASAKIbara, Murasaki mean Purple

And let’s not talk about their eyes color okay…XD

Now Kuroko Tetsuya, nope he doesn’t have black hair nor black eye, but really, really baby blue hair and eyes. So his name is no related to his how he look, but how he act. Kuro mean black and Ko mean child, therefore his name mean Black Child OR Child of the Shadow…. and he is the shadow of the Ace of his team (Aomine in middle school and Kagami in high school).

and last of this group but not the least, Kagami Taiga...I just found hilarious that Taiga sound like Tiger and that people see a tiger when they think of Kagami


Now let’s take a brief look at Hinata and Tsukisima

Hinata depending on the character used it can mean, “sunny place” or “toward the sun”, either way it’s linked to the Sun and Tsuki mean Moon. Not only their hair are bright orange for Hinata and really pale blond Tsuki but their personality are the total opposite. BUT the Moon can’t shine without the Sun

sorry couldn't stop myself
sorry couldn’t stop myself


Those are the main one I could think about. I could also have talk about how most of the name of Fullmetal Alchemist are related to war stuff, like Roy Mustang come from the P-51 Mustang, a plane use during the WWII and the Korean War.

If you have any character you think off,  let’s share in the comment below!!

3 thoughts on “Beyond the Name

  1. I have never, ever really considered a Tsukishima-Hinata ship
    (whatever it’s called) but I’m pretty sure I won’t see them the same
    way again after your last pic! *insert fangirl squeals* Tsukishima
    is my ultimate bias so anything Tsukishima-related is appealing
    (if this is even relevant)

    Anyway, I just started Haikyuu s2 and recently seen this sun and
    moon reference so this post feels timely for me. As to Kuroko no basuke
    character names, they were too obvious with their matching hair
    colors but I never really thought so much about what they mean.
    They look colorful. Colors attract attention.

    Any other characters? Kuro and Shiro from K-Project. They literally
    have black and white hair respectively.


    1. I never considered it a ship either, but when I saw the picture, it was just too cute for me to not post it. KbN character hair color are more than obvious it’s like if the mangaka, was like “so which color their hair would be? Hmm his name is Akashi… so Red… his hair color will be red”
      True I didn’t thought of Kuro and Shiro ..

      Liked by 1 person

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