Kagami Taiga is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Kuroko no Basuke. He is the ace of Seirin basketball school club. He is wearing the number 10. From all the player he is the only one who can match the Generation Miracles and he is the only one who reach the second stage of the zone.

He is hot-blooded and stupid but so innocent in the same time. Despite his height, 191 cm (6′ 3″), I sometime feel the need to protect him. You can’t hate him, you just can’t. His determination to kick the ass of all the Generation Miracle is really inspiring. He his is on the court he become really aggressive, like a tiger (roarrrr)

I liked him the first time he appear on-screen, in fact he was my favorite character of the show until Aomine appear (Aominecchi need to win somewhere)

Thing he likes, basketball and eat, I’m pretty sure if he coud do both in the same times he would be on cloud nine, but if you add a dog he might run away…that big kitty is scare of dog.

I can’t obviously end this post without some eyes candy






7 thoughts on “Anime Crush: Kagami Taiga

      1. If I had to rank the Generation of Miracles, Kuroko include, Akashi would probably either share the 4th position with Midorima or be 5th. I kinda like him but after the game XD not a big fan of Emperor Akashi

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  1. Taiga isn’t my favorite character but I certainly can’t forget his attempted slamdunk which ended up breaking the basketball hoop. (Even Akagi from Slamdunk didn’t do much damage!)

    And I agree. You can’t hate him. You just can’t. How could you?!

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    1. Lol Bakagami is obsessed with dunk XD. His most epic one is probably when he tried to slam dunk during the training at the beach and felt face fist in the sand XD. Still hear Hyuuga screaming at him “Is dunking the only thing you can do?” 😂😂

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