Normally, I should post about a manga series on the Tuesday and an old anime series on the Thursday, but I realize that I might not have enough material to continue those, mostly for the old anime series. I watched some during my childhood but not thousand. Therefore I decide to alternate these post with a new segment called: Get to Know Me.

In this new post series, I will list my favorite character of anime/manga, the one I hate, find the most annoying, my favorite opening/ending if there is more than one, etc.I will add my favorite, might most probably be BL, paring and

I decide to write this new posts segment after reading a comment on my last day on the anime and manga challenge, saying that challenge is a nice when to get to know the author. Thus I decide to answer some question of the challenge for each series I watched so far.

Hope you will enjoy this new segment, let me know what you think in the comment below.

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