If you followed my anime and manga challenge, you probably already know most of the information I’m about to give.

Top 3 Favorite Characters

Shinya Kougami

When Akane describe Kougami as a wolf, she is perfectly right. When he hunt, he act like a wolf chasing his prey. Yes he is a latent criminal, yes his psycho-pass is close to 300, but he is still highly intelligent. The reason why I liked him, is cause of the way he profile. Of  course he is always right, but since his position, he still have to prove his point.

Nobuchika Ginoza

I have to say I was a bit annoyed by him at first, he was too by the book. But I do understand why he was like that. His fear to become like his father and best friend, push him to not trust easily people around him. Not gonna lie the only good thing the second season gave me was a Ginoza that a could really like.

Akane Tsunemori

What I liked with Akane is the fact that even after knowing the truth about Sibyl, she stayed true to her and continue to protect the thing in what she believes. She didn’t become delusional.

Best Villain

Shougo Makishima

In my opinion, Makishima is probably the best villain we can have. He might not have chosen the best way to change the world, but I still sympathise with him for the reason why he want to change it.

Best Supporting Character

Shuusei Kagari

I can’t really tell you why I like that moron, but I still liked him. His death still affect me and I still doubt in the necessity to kill him. I would liked to know more about him. I would liked to know why he got flagged at five years old.

Tomomi Masaoka

Masaoka is like the father figure of the unit, musch tobhis own son annoyance. He give advice and always keep an eye on the rookie inspector. I liked his general way to see how thing badly turn for him. He knew he messed-up but it was too late for him to “recover”. Now he tries his best to do his work as enforcer.

Most Hated Character

Sakuya Togane

I was so happy when he died,I would have like see him suffer even more. I hate everything about him. From the way he tried to mimic Kougami to get close to Akane, to how he use Shimotsuki to get information about Akane relatives.

Most Annoying Character

Mika Shimotsuki

Pretty much like Ginoza, she is really by the book she always follow the rule or order even if it doesn’t make sense. To her, if Sibyl or Chief Kasei say to do it, it make sense. Unlike Akane she have no sense of initiative. He hate latent criminal, which is normal since her love interest and best friend was killed by one, but she seems to forget that the reason why there wasn’t more victims is cause a latent criminal found the killer.

Favorite Opening

Abnormalize by Ling Tosite Sigure from Psycho-Pass

Favorite Ending

Namae no Nai Kaibutsu by Egoist from Psycho-Pass

Now you know a bit more about my taste, even if some of you already knew the most of the answer :P, at least now everything is in one post.

Let me know you own choice in the comment section below !!

One thought on “GtKM: Psycho Pass

  1. T-T I was in complete shock and disbelief when Kagari was killed off! Same with Masaoka! 😦 These three were what made psycho-pass. I think that’s another reason Season 2 felt like it was lacking in something. Great list of characters!! I’m probably going to feature Makashima in my 30 day anime challenge for best villain as well!

    I felt like they were trying to make Togane be similar to Shinya – but there was no way he could ever hold a candle to that guy. lol.


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