I my opinion, insert song can be as important as an opening or ending. While the opening make a good introduction to a TV show and the ending close everything nicely, the insert bring more depth and emotion to anime scene.It can give a nostalgic feel or emphasize the joy or sadness seen on screen. Since I give some important to the insert song, I decide to let it be my last top music from anime. Like the character song, I might not comment each of them, if can I will at least tell you when you can hear the song. Anyway if I really have something to say about the song, I will say it…

5th Position

Title: Anti-Nostalgic
Artist: Kotani Kinya
Anime: Gravitation


They actually they put on the anime but only once. SPOILER!!!! I think it was the epiosde when shuichi was depressed when he couldn’t write lyrics because yuki didn’t want to see shu after their 1st kiss. Then when Hiro saw how depressed shu was, so he when to visit Yuki. After the little talk between them, Yuki found Shu at the park where they first saw each other, and that’s where this song come up.

Thank to the YouTube commenter, now I know when the song is use.

4th Position

Title: In the Moonlight
Artist: Kotani Kinya
Anime: Gravitation

This song is only hear in the OVA, Shuichi sing it during a concert. I really love the dreamy feel on the song but the lyric are really heartbreaking

3rd Position

Title: Reluctant Heroes
Artist: mpi
Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin

This song can be heard at least two times, one is at the end of the episode 3 and the other is when Levi make his appearance in episode 9. Some say that could fit as Levi theme, cause yes everyone see him as a hero, people want to be like him, but I’m not sure he really want to be the hero here.

2nd Position

Title: DOA (Dead on Arrival
Artist: Aimee Blackschleger
Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin

So this song can be heard at least two times. The first time is during episode 4, when the members of the Top 10 are described and the second time is when Mikasa leads the trainees into the battle.

Normally here I’ll give some honorable mention, but I don’t have any. Instead I will give you some of my favorite instrumental theme.
The first is not a surprise is the Dominator theme from Psycho-Pass compose by Yugo Kanno

The two other are composed by Bruce Faulconer and are from Dragon Ball Z that has aired on Cartoon Network.

Vegeta’s theme (You don’t have the listen it for 10 minutes, the first minutes will be enough XD, eve if I could actually listening to it for 10 minutes straight.)

Super Namek theme (I could have give you a short version of it, but since I gave the extented Vegeta version, it would be unfair for piccolo if I didn’t do the same thing right?)

And in 1st Position we have

Title: Requiem of Red
Artist: Yui Horie (Anna Kushina) ft the Red clansmen
Anime: K-Project

Of course I had to go with an AMV for this one…AMV that bring me to tear.
Requiem of Red is not only an insert song, but it’s also Anna character song, but since I had already a lot of characters song, I decide to include this one in this Top instead. Requiem of Red can be heard after Mikoto’s death, when the Homra tattoo like symbol on the clansmen vanish into the air. I will not lie, I didn’t cried the first time I was Mikoto dying ( sound like he died more than once XD) but when the song start, I was looking for my box of tissue. The song is sung by Anna and the clansmen ( pretty sure the song verse is sang by Kusanagi), and it’s about Mikoto, so of course it will bring me to tears. Even without knowing the lyrics, this song still make me really emotional.

This was my last music from anime Top, hope you like the adventure. If there is any insert song you particularly like feel free to share it in the comment below.

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Insert Song

  1. omg, Requiem of Red is sadder than I remember. the anime didn’t really impress me overall, but yeah, red king dying did hurt a bit.
    and omg, why does Gravitation have an awesome soundtrack? hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love K, one of my favorite character come from it, my only complain about the show it’s the lack of information about the Dresden Slate.
      When I watch K and saw the Red King die I didn’t cried… but when the song start I burst out and even know when I’m listening to it still making me emotional.
      Ahhh the power of Gravitation, they actually did something right with Bad Luck since the song are good.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. K had a confusing start too, but it did pick up in the end, especially when the situation is clear and that red king does need to die. i cried, mainly because my OTP was forced to kill the other T.T
        I honestly avoided Gravitation. I saw,I think, the first ep and I just didn’t get it so I dropped it. xD but yeah, awesome soundtrack. makes me want to try it again

        Liked by 1 person

      2. the thing with K is they should have start by the movie coming out this summer. They are base on the manga and the event of the Red manga happen before the event of the series.
        Munataka x Mikoto is indeed a great OTP but… it doesn’t beat Fushimi x Yata πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Know that I’m really biased)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. i think they banked on the “cool characters” carrying the show, and I think it did. I’m a story purists though, hahaha
        oh yeah, those two are cute. it’s like, you want to see them just hug and roll around grass already xD
        i’m a simple guy so Yashiro x Reishi holds limitless possibilities for me too, lol. haha

        Liked by 1 person

      4. oooh hmmm Fushimi and Yata used to be best friend when they were in high school.
        long after dropping from high school they both join the Red Clan. Yata thought it was cool but Fushimi wasn’t too sure about that. More time Yata passed with the Red Clan, closer he grew from them. Fushimi king of become jealous cause he was losing the attention Yata was giving him. Fushimi didn’t had an happy childhood and his father mentally abused him. Yata was the first one who gave Fushimi the attention he wanted/needed. So when Yata became closer to the Red King and the clan, naturally Fushimi didn’t like that.
        He eventually met with the Blue King and the latter saw potential in him. In the end Fushimi had to take a decision. Staying with the Red Clan, with a King who will never use him as his full potential or going with the Blue King, who had a job to give him. Munataka knew how to use Fushimi.
        Ofc Yata didn’t like that and that is why he always say Fushimi is a traitor.

        about the 2nd season, you need to watch the movie “K: Missing King” before.

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      5. lol all series together, Fushimi x Yata is my 2nd favorite OTP, so I did dig their backstory πŸ˜…

        lol no they don’t kill each other. The only thing Yata a
        say to Fushimi is “I’m an idiot and you have to explain me thing until I understand” which is true. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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