Since I’m really obsessed with the series lately, those who are following me on Twitter probably noticed it, I though it would be logical to make a “Get to Know Me” post on this series.

Top 3 Favorite Character

Shinya Hiragi

The reason why he become one of my three favorite character is probably cause of his loyalty toward Guren, he truly trust his friend (loyalty that might cost him a lot) that and he is just a cinnamon roll armed with a rifle that shoot tiger

Crowley Eusford

Crowley is most probably the most handsome vampire of the whole series. I just love the way he are, as long as you can entertain him you will stay alive. He is carefree and like to fight. Plus before being a vampire, he was a knight who live during the Crusade, the Templar freak in me love that.

Mikaela Hyakuya

His obsession to save Yu from the dangerous human is almost admirable, his loyalty toward his only “family” member his probably stronger than Shinya loyalty to Guren. He is ready to do anything to save his boyfriend.

Best Villain

Kureto Hiragi

For some reason I think Kureto his not the main antagonist of the series, but he is probably the best villain the series can have. The guy want to make a Coup D’État to take over his father in order to clean the world from all the sinner…like if he wasn’t one in first place.

Best Supporting Character
cannot be in the Top 3

Ferid Bathory

If only we knew his motive, two seasons of the anime and fifty-one chapters later we still don’t know his damn goal. Beside wanting power and overthrow Krul from her throne we doesn’t know much about what really want Ferid. What make him a good supporting character in my opinion is the fact that he is willing to help the main characters, even if the latter want to kill him.

Norito Goshi

I was really hesitating between him and Krul Tepes, but I decide to choose one vampire and one human and since I already got the vampire with Ferid, I pick Goshi as second best supporting character. The guy is a pervert that knows his shit. We don’t see him a lot in the anime or even the manga, but in the light novel, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose, Catastrophe at sixteen, he is taking a bit more place. Like Shinya he is loyal to Guren, they know each other since their high school day and Guren save his ass more than once. Now he is helping his old squad leader by smoking pipe.

Most Hated Character

Mahiru Hiragi

She is a first class bitch, that wanted her own Romeo and Juliet story. She pushed Guren in the past to do stupid thing and she still does it even if she is death since she is possessing Guren. Not only that but she also abandoned her own sister.

Most Annoying Character

Mistuba Sangu

She is not as annoying as before. When they first introduce her, I wanted to use her as bait for the Apocalypse Horsemen, now I just want to, sometimes, hit her with a chair.

Favorite “Human”

Shinya Hiragi

Favorite Vampire

Crowley Eusford

Rank Shinoa Squad

Yuchirou Hyakuya

Shinoa Hiragi

Shiho Kimizuki

Yoichi Saotome

Mistuba Sangu

Rank Guren Squad

Shinya Hiragi

Guren Ichinose

Norito Goshi

Sayuri Hanatori

Shigure Yukimi

Mito Jujo

Favorite Opening

X.U by Gemie

Favorite Ending

scaPEGoat by Yosh

I think that pretty much cover the way I see the Seraph of the End’s character. If you think of something else and want to know more, let me know in the comment below.

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