Produced by the studio Sunrise (Patlabor, InuYasha) Cowboy Bebop is an anime series counting twenty-six episode, two manga adaptation and a moive. The series originally air between April 1998 and April 1999.


In the year 2071, humanity has colonized several of the planets and moons of the solar system leaving the now uninhabitable surface of planet Earth behind. The Inter Solar System Police attempts to keep peace in the galaxy, aided in part by outlaw bounty hunters, referred to as “Cowboys”. The ragtag team aboard the spaceship Bebop are two such individuals.

Mellow and carefree Spike Spiegel is balanced by his boisterous, pragmatic partner Jet Black as the pair makes a living chasing bounties and collecting rewards. Thrown off course by the addition of new members that they meet in their travels—Ein, a genetically engineered, highly intelligent Welsh Corgi; femme fatale Faye Valentine, an enigmatic trickster with memory loss; and the strange computer whiz kid Edward Wong—the crew embarks on thrilling adventures that unravel each member’s dark and mysterious past little by little.

Well-balanced with high density action and light-hearted comedy, Cowboy Bebop is a space Western classic and an homage to the smooth and improvised music it is named after.


Before watching the series, I watched the movie, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, more than once. I enjoyed the story line and the fight scene. Plus the character are really interesting. Perfectly knowing there was a anime series, I finally decide to watch it, and I really wonder why I didn’t watch it earlier.

Cowboy Bebop is a classic that everyone need to watch at least once. All the main character have their own background story that need to be tell. In fact each could easily have their own anime series, even Ein who is a only a supporting, a dog, could have his own show…okay maybe more an OVA, but still That cute little corgi could be the star of something.

Despite the fact that nothing seems to relate them to each other, Spike and Jet make a good team, and not matter what Spike can say about woman, pet and kid, if any of them would be a real dander he would be the first trying to figure out to save them. That thing I like about the show the unlikely friendship between the crew member. That and the fight scene, pretty much all episode have an a good visual fight sequence.

My only complain about the show is probably the main antagonist, Vicious, while he is really skilled in combat, I found, he was missing something. Beside being drive by vengeance, he didn’t have any real goal. With a series as good as Cowboy Bebop it would have be nice to have a main villain a bit more complex.

Even if the ending left me win many wonder, I definitely suggest this series who want toi watch a good Sci-Fi, Space, Action series.

5 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop

  1. I know it is a classic but I just never did get into this one. I’ve tried more than once and I never make it more than about four episodes in. I don’t find anything particularly wrong with it but I just don’t get drawn into it either.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Cowboy Bebop is one of those popular titles on TV during my generation. I haven’t had the chance to watch the full episodes of this classical series, but I still believe it deserves a spotlight more than some titles in this modern era.

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