Toya Kinomoto from the anime series Cardcaptor Sakura

Even if I realized that CCS wasn’t the first Japanese animation I watched, Touya is still the first anime male character that I wish he was real. He is good-looking, reliable, responsible and even if he love to tease her, Toya is the best big brother Sakura could have. He would do anything to help her.

4 thoughts on “25D AMCC – Day One : First Anime Crush

  1. He really does have an intense sister complex sometimes though. Still, he is a great character and as you said, he’s the best big brother she could have even if she regularly doesn’t appreciate that.

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    1. Lol sister complex that sound so weird. Deep down, Sakura knows her brother really care about her, and she really care and is worried about him, bit I guess she rather die than let Toya know how much she love him 😅

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