Shinya Hiragi from Seraph of the End (without any surprise I guess)



Sousuke Yamazaki from Free!: Eternal Summer

First Shinya, which will not be a surprise for the people who are following my blog and my Twitter. I already made an “Anime Crush” blog post on him. I will probably repeat myself, but I don’t care, one of the reason why I like him, it’s because he is loyal to Guren, and he got an other prove in the chapter 51. Despite everything Guren did, Shinya is still following him.

As for Sousuke, at first he wasn’t very fond of him, the wait he act toward Haru, make me want to punch him in a wall. But then I realize he act like that cause of Rin. Yamazaki is a real support for Rin. If Rin can’t always act rationally, Yamazaki will be there to calm him down. Plus he want to protect his childhood friend future as professional swimmer.

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