Monday is the Anime Crush day and since the last one featured Roy Mustang, I guess to do this Get to Know Me on Fullmetal Alchemist would only be logical

Top 3 Favorite Characters

Roy Mustang

Unlike a lot of anime show I watched, Roy has been my favorite FMA character since the first time I watch (or read) the series. At first I couldn’t really explain why, I liked him so much. Yes he is good-looking, but there is something him stand from all the other pretty boy (which is not a lot) from the show.

Edward Elric

Ed goal never change, the only thing he always had in mind was to bring back his brother body, even if for that he needed to commit the taboo once again. That was I called dedication.

Maes Hughes

Maes is one of the best supporting character an anime show could have, cause that what he does in the anime. He provide support to the brother by giving them information they couldn’t get by themselves. And he care about them, he is like a big brother to them.

Best Villain


This series as two version and both have their own antagonist with a different goal. I must say Father make a better villain than Dante, I much rather the “I want to be a God” over ” Where is my new stone?” Plus that Father-turn-into-God is way more interesting to look at.

Best Supporting Characters

I know I said Maes was one of the best supporting character, but I already put him in the Top 3 and I wanted to give the FMA ladies a bit of recognition.

Riza Hawkeyes

Where Roy goes, Lt. Hawkeyes go, unless the Führer say otherwise, her goal is to protect Roy and make sure he achieve his goal.

Winry Rockbell

She know the boys since they are kid, they are her best friend, she is family to them. She might get upset each time Ed comeback with a destroyed automail, but she truly care about them and would do anything possible to help them.

Most Hated Character

I don’t have any…even Father, he is a jerk but I can’t bring myself to HATE him so badly that I want to kill him with my own hands.

Most Annoying Character

Again I don’t have any, maybe if I watch it again I will found one, but so far, no matter how much I think about it, there is no character that I want to punch in the wall just cause they get on my nerves.

Favorite State Alchemist

Zolf J. Kimblee

“The reason why I kill all those men, was because I could. It’s that simple” – Kimblee
If I were to follow the logic I should have gone for Roy or Ed, but both are already up there and I promise to myself to not make the post to repetitive, therefore I’ll pick the third State Alchemist in line, which is Kimblee. He kill just cause he can do it…strangely this is why I like him.

Favorite Homunculus


He doesn’t give a single fuck about what his Father want, He want everything for himself and doesn’t plan to share.

Favorite Opening

Period by Chemistry

I listen to a lot of anime opening and so far none can even get close to the feeling Period give me. It’s my all time favorite anime opening…for now

Favorite Ending


this one was harder to choose, but I pick USO cause yes it’s pretty go and I really enjoyed SID work in general.

5 thoughts on “GtKM: Fullmetal Alchemist

  1. FMA is also one of my most favorite anime/manga series! (I prefer Brotherhood than the original anime, tho.) Thinking of my most hated character here, the only one that comes to mind is Shou Tucker. I just… HATE HIM SO MUCH WITH PASSION. I won’t ever get over the fact that he did /that/ to Nina. >:/

    Anyway, nice choices. I think Greed’s the best Homunculus, too! (MAAAES ;u;)

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