AHHH The Comedy genre, a lot of anime have their comedy side, but not a lot of anime are seen as mainly comedy. So once again I had to peek at My Anime List to see which series I watched that was seen as mainly comedy.

When I thought about this day the first character that came to my mind was him

Jyuugo or number 15 from Nanbaka

The Sixteen years old escape freak have a really dark and scary pass. But aside the fact he can turn into a monster, the kid can be really adorable. He pass is life into jail, it’s the only thing he know, so when come thing about the outside world he is pretty clueless.

Of course I had to choose an other one and I was easier that I though

Alfred F. Jones aka America from Hetalia

I could have gone with only Hetalia character they all have their own charm, but there is a little something about the annoying Alfred that make me like him more.

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