TVXQ, DBSK, Tohoshinki, call them the way you want it’s all the same group at the end…that what we used to say, but now the popular South Korean group is only known under the name of TVXQ or Tong Vfang Xien Qi, which is the group name they use when they promoted in China. However since I’m a nostalgic, I will forever called them DBSK, Dong Bang Shin Ki or “Rising Gods of the East”

That’s what actually the group name mean…Rising God of the East, the day I will understand how the hell SM Entertainment, their label, come out with cheezy, silly name, the life will have no more mysteries for me.

As I said the group are signed under SM Entertainment, they debuted as five in 2003, but now due to some circumstances they are now only promoting as a duo, Yunho and Changmin.

DBSK is the group signing the 10th and 11th One Piece opening (We Are and Share the World) they are also singing the 17th ending of the same series.

We Are

This opening release in 2009, one of the last they sang as five.

Despite being a South Korean group, DBSK have an impressive Japanese discography, two songs that I particularly like is “Love in the Ice” from the “T” album released in 2008 and “Bolero” from the album “The Secret Code” released in 2009.

Love in the Ice


Of course since they are a South Korean boy group, I need to give you some of my favorite song.
As much as I like them as five, the two song I’m about to give you were release after the split.

Before You Go (Keep Your Head Down repackage) release in 2011

Something from the album Tense release in 2014

Spellbound (Tense repackage) release in 2014

Other song that I enjoyed are Mirotic, Rising Sun and Wrong Number, those three song were release when they were still five in the group

TVXQ give us not only really good opening and ending, but they also release amazing album.

11 thoughts on “Kpop In Anime: TVXQ

    1. They do sing well. I came across them, not longer after they split and a lot of people where wondering if Yunho and Changmin would be okay on they own, since Junsu and Jaejoong as the best voice of the group. And the be honest they are doing just fine. Of course what happen suck but the duo can still deliver great track, even without the lead and main vocal.

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      1. I see. I’m not really familiar with their other songs, except for their Japanese ones. And yes, they really sing well. That’s sad that they split up, but not really surprising. Groups split all the time. But it’s good to hear that the remaining members still got it. Good post. Keep it up. Cheers!

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  1. They might have split up but the songs they made together will forever be with me! Always Keep the Faith! True blooded Cassiopeia forever! (and yes, their Japanese songs are awesome! Try ‘Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou’)

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