I struggled choosing character with blond hair, I struggle even more with the one with black hair. There is too many character with black hair, at some point I though of putting name in a bucket and draw two. But after thinking, I finally choose three, two of them is cause of their eyes

Before that let’s see what she predicted


I must say it could have work, since the reason why I choose the two character I’m about to present can be applied to them as well, but I already pick Yamazaki for the Supporting Male Character day and I really like Haru, but in fact he can’t beat any of my two pick, in my opinion obviously.

The first is that clown…

Takao Kazunari from Kuroko no Basuke

I know this day is not about eyes color but hair color, but in Takao case, his eyes color go so well with his hair, they stand so much. The fact he is known as the Hawkeyes of Shutoku, is maybe for something. They probably wanted to make sure his eyes stand out and the best way to do that is to give him black hair with eyes color really pale.

The second is that wanna be demon

Hyakuya Yuichirou from Seraph of the End

Could Yu have an other hair color? nope same apply to his emerald eyes.Not cause it cause pretty well together, I think Yu couldn’t have eyes other than green or hair other than black. Not cause I’m use to see them this color, just cause I can’t picture Yuichirou with an other hair and/or eyes color.

The last one is that moron

Fushimi Saruhiko from K-Project

I would really like to give you a really deep reason about why I choose him, I could have only choose the two first character and totally forgot Fushimi, but I just can,t forget him. He could have had the hair of an other color, but then he would not have look like the person he hate the most, his father. He really deeply hate his father and the fact he look like him now his really ironic. Plus they have the same bad personality.

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