Brown is an other common color for hair, brown hair character doesn’t stand of the crowd cause of their hair color, but because of their personality, yet I can’t picture the character I pick with another hair color than brown.

Let see “Zel” prediction, who knows maybe she is right

I will be totally honest with you, she WAS wrong, but she make me change my mind and she doesn’t even know it. So I will give you my two pick, which is Shittykawa and another moron and then tell you who was my fist pick before ending up choosing Bakakawa after seeing her comment.

First the other moron

Yata Misaki from K-Project


Yes his hair are brown, chestnut brown to be precise. He is so precious and innocent and he need to be protected. Simple as that

Now Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu!!

Yes I did call him by his name, it happen once in a while but not often. Again his hair doesn’t make him stand him from the rest, he is not the only one with brown, but I can’t picture him with the hair of another color.

Now the one that I choose before seeing Moronkawa name…

Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs


Suicidal freak!!

4 thoughts on “25D AMCC – Day Thirteen: Anime Male with Brown Hair

    1. Lol but if it wasn’t of you I would completely have forgot Shittykawa XD
      The 1st time I thought his hair were orange 😂 but depending of the light and on official picture they are brown. Maybe more a mixed of brown and burned orange. 😅

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