Blue, blue like the sky, blue like the sea. Blue is a cold color, blue is a calm color. Unless they have the Japanese word from blue in their name (Ao/Aoi) a character blue hair will not be hot-blooded, passionate or full of themselves, but they will be more cold or calm.

PREDICTION TIME!!! Let see was Zel Oracle say

Once again she got it right…is she stalking me??

Cause when I think about blue-haired male character I automatically have Tetsuya Kuroko in mind, I could have said Aomine, but, one, the sole reason why he have blue hair is cause of is name, two, he is not really the cold (maybe a bit) and calm type, three I reserve him for a much better day.

Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basuke

He is not the only character in the anime, but his blue hair fit quite well with is calm personality. Kuroko doesn’t really get angry, sometimes passionate about winning, but is it not overreacting like some other character. The fact that he is a “shadow” but have light-colored hair say a lot about his none-existant personality.

The second character I choose have a cold personality and he is stay calm not matter what happen

Munataka Reisi from K-Project

Not only Munataka is the BLUE king, but he have the personality of someone who should have blue hair. Not matter the circumstance, even when he fight, he keep his calm a collect demeanor.

8 thoughts on “25D AMCC Day Fourteen – Anime Male with Blue Hair

  1. LOL!! >_< Stalker!? I know you're kidding. But come on, we fan girl about KnB all the time it'd be hard to not get the colored hair ones wrong. Now I need to go through your posts compared to my guess and get a score card going. Also, ugh Munakata. Almost forgot about that guy. He's probably my favorite from the K Project series. He reminds me a bit of Midorima, but so so much cooler. I haven't finished the second season, but I know his power is deteriorating like Mikoto's…right? Munakata and Kuroko represent the color blue very well! These are both great choices. You can probably guess who I'd put here then; we're too similar. haha! BUT! I bet you can't guess who I would choose for Pink hair!

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