**Attention Contain Spoilers**

We all came across once a series that either have an open ending that left you with a lot of question, or doesn’t give enough information about the story, the context or other various element.

Looking back at the series I’m following right now or the one I have finished, I found a couple that left me with a lot of wondering. Of course some series are not done yet, therefore more information can come, but for now I’m pretty much left in the dark with a lot of question but not a lot of answer.

5th Position

Psychic Detective Yakumo

This series fall into the open ending category, although the manga series is no over yet the anime is. It left me with a lot of question that I doubt with be answered one day, unless they decide to produce a new season, which would be great. The way the anime end leave a lot of place to a second season, mostly cause of the way Yakumo’s father appear at the end of the last episode.

4th Position

91 Days

That’s an other series with an open ending, but unlike Psychic Detective Yakumo, I’m pretty sure we will not have a second season. Yes we have no clue what is happening to Angelo/Bruno, but they doesn’t give any indication that a new season could be possible. The only thing I want to know is if Angelo is alive or not.

3rd Position


When I think about a series that doesn’t give enough information, K-Project is one of them. I know it’s not something really relevant to the story in itself, it’s just for the sake to satisfy my curiosity. The Dresden Slate…when it come from? Don’t answer me Germany, that I know, I can look at a map and even there I always was in the top in my geography class, I mean who made it? where the power is coming from?. That’s the type is information I would have liked to have. Cause even if I really enjoyed the series, the only thing I had in mind is to know who created the Slate.

2nd Position

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a classic, it got two manga series, an anime series and a movie, but despite all that, we have no clues what happen to Spike at the end. He is death or alive? and Jet what happen to him? We know Faye and Ed (with Ein) left the ship, but Jet? What about him? Did he try to look for Spike or he just continue his thing? And if Spike is still alive, did he go back to the ship or start living by himself?

1st Position

Seraph of the End

I don’t know for you but each new chapters bring a new question but doesn’t give any answer for all the other questions. Two anime seasons and more than 50 chapters later, we have no clue about what is happening and who is the main villain. Some might say it’s Kureto since he is planning a “Coup d’État” but something is telling me there is someone more powerful than him, we just didn’t meet him yet. Talking about the lack of information…Ferid and Krul goals, if someone have an idea please tell me.

This was my Top 5 of series that doesn’t give enough information. I don’t like having to still think about a series once is over, it give me headache and I don’t like that.
Did you ever came across a series that made you ask a lot of question but doesn’t give any answer ?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 “WTH is Happening?” Anime or Manga

  1. I was a little nervous when I saw that choices 5-3 were all on my must watch list! I’m not one for open endings and cliffhangers, but for most of the titles on this list the premises are interesting enough to make up for that!

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      1. Then I’ll have to check them all out (except Cowboy Bebop, I’ve already seen that one)! Oh man, open ends drive me nuts…

        LOL in my head, Spike is alive and living it up on Mars or something

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