Red is the color of the fire, the color of a burning passion. Red hair character are often seen as hot-blooded  (with some exception) and/or as passionate person

This day was hard to put together, I have a couple of anime crush with red hair. Once again, I couldn’t bring myself to choose only two character, therefore I’ll give you three.

But before let’s take a look at the Oracle

To be honest with you I’m surprise she didn’t gave Akashi as second choice XD

When I think of red hair character I immediately think about Suoh Mikoto from K-Project.

Not only he is the Red King, but his element is the fire, he can turn into ashes pretty much anything, plus he have a burning temper and he is passionate. He doesn’t always think before acting, “Let’s burn everything the talk can come later if there is anything left”.

My second choice is that cute little Shark, Matsuoka Rin from Free!

He is passionate and hot-blooded, mostly when come to swimming competition. Outside the pool, if it’s not relevant to some swimming race he can keep his cool, but not make fun of him you might get bitten.

The last but not least, Akashi Seijuro from Kuroko no Basuke

Akashi the Emperor, normally when he talk about the royalty with pick a blue shade ( don’t ask me why tho), but Akashi can’t have blue hair, not cause there is already two other character with blue hair or cause he have the word “red” in is last name, but cause Red is the color that fit him the most. He word and action are absolute no one can defy him. He is the authority, when Kuroko talk about going to meet him, he said he has been “summoned” it say a lot of the character. Red is a color that stand out the most, so is the perfect color for him.

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