I would really like to give a clever description of character with purple hair, but frankly I have none. When I look online at what people think of when the ear the color purple the reference differ a lot.

Not only it’s hard to find an easy way to describe the color purple, but I realize there is not a lot of character with purple hair on my list, so I just pick the first two that come on my mind.

Of course it will be after we took a look at what heyitszel have to say


Must say this one was hard to miss

Cause Yes Murasakibara Atsushi from Kuroko no Basuke is indeed one of the two

I would like to give you a deep signification to explain my choice, but I don’t have any except maybe that sometimes purple remind me of sweet thing and he like sweet snack…

My second choice is

Tsukiyama Shuu from Tokyo Ghoul

Again no real reason except that the only other hair color he could have is bright blue or pink…with is personality I can’t picture him with a soft or fade color, he need something flashy.

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