No matter the character gender, pink is always an interesting hair color, but even more when it come to male character, since not all of them can rock pink hair.

Before telling you my pick, let see what my dear friend guess my choice right

Lol after talking to hair about the Red Hair day, know she knows Akashi hair are a really bright red. But must say if he hair would have been hot pink, it would have been one, epic, and two, most probably on the list.

Since I certainly didn’t pick Akashi from Kuroko no Basuke, who did I choose?

First one, Shigino Kusimi from Free!

His hairs are light bubblegum pink and it fit so much with his cheerful, bubbly personality that I wonder if character designer purposely choose that color cause it match well the type of guy he is.

The second one is Kimizuki Shiho from Seraph of the End

Just imagine Tsukishima from Haikyuu!!, but with pink hair and you have Kimizuki. I really wonder how a guy with his persona end-up having pink hair, but I don’t really care, cause the contrast between his hair and his personality, make him stand more.

4 thoughts on “25D AMCC – Day Eighteen: Anime Male with Pink Hair

  1. Ahhhhhh kisumi has pink hair?? I thought it was peach! Gah my definition of pink is clearly problematic lolol. He’s a good choice…not familiar with pink haired tsukki …need to watch that series. Lol

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