I don’t own any, I would probably badly injured myself with it, but I really like sword. It’s such a noble weapon. Thus it’s only natural for me to make a day on my favorite anime male that like to swing their blade left and right.

Does my friend have something to say about who I should have pick?… Nope, but it’s doesn’t matter she can’t have them all :p

So who did a choose for this day,

Even if I still think he is a bastard for what he did Ichinose Guren from Seraph of the End is still really skilled with a blade.

Guren vs Mika
Guren vs Mika

Guren is one of the strongest element of the whole Japanese Imperial Demon Army, I think even Kureto who is considerate to be the strongest would face some difficulties if he had to fight him.

My second choice, I a newcomer in my little anime world, Shimazu Toyohisa from Drifters.

I think the GIF explain everything, the guy his scary.


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