Finally the last day of the challenge. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. the last day is of course probably the most important day, at least to me. I kept the last day for the best, cause the only one who can be feature in the last day it’s him and him alone. This twenty-five day is reserved for my Ultimate Anime Crush.

When heyitszel guess this challenge we started to know each other, it was the beginning of our friendship, thus the question mark she left beside Aomine name. But now I really hope she is sure of her answer XD cause that moron is pretty much everywhere on my blog and twitter.

Cause yes my Ultimate Anime Crush is Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke, at least for now.

Yes I do love that gif
Yes I do love that gif

I must say that I wasn’t really fond of him at first. I mean he act like a total jerk with the one who used to be his best friend. And it’s not like if it was the said best friend fault if they part away. Sad to say but it’s only Aomine’s fault. So why did I end up liking him so much?

First cause of the way he change through the series, Daiki is one of the character from the rival side who change the most with Akashi. Those tear when he realize his mistake come from the bottom of his heart. He realize he act like a moron and now he regret it.

I also came to like him cause I tend to like the misunderstood one. People see him like an asshole, but it’s just that he is looking for someone who can actually challenge him. He is the best high school student basketball player, the only one who can probably beat him is him himself Akashi, but not cause he is better than Aomine, but Akashi have a lot of authority over the Generation of Miracle. Since there is no one who can match him, Daiki became bored and develop a bitter feeling toward a sport he love.

Plus he is extremely hot

23 thoughts on “25D AMCC – Day Twenty-Five: Ultimate Anime Crush (Last Day)

  1. yassss I knew this had to be it for sure, but I threw aominecchi’s name around in other categories on this challenge! you completing this signifies the start of my version of this! πŸ˜€

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  2. Aominecchi. ❀
    Oh, that scene where he realized that Kuroko's the one who's his guard for the second door never fails to break my heart. He may be intense and all, but to me he's an adorable cinnamon roll. I specially loved him during their Teiko days, though his character after their game with Seirin is still lovable.

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      1. No arguments for MidoTaka and MuraMuro. Hahaha! I guess I’m just that invested with their past in Teiko (that it breaks my heart whenever I remember their ‘last’ fistbump ;A;). It’s fun to ship any of them with each other. πŸ˜€

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      2. Ah I see~ I read a lot of doujinshi (shounen-ai and hardcore) with KagaKuro, that’s probably with I tend to ship them more, even if Kuroko can be ship with anyone except Midorima and Murasakibara

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