I was finally able to watch the last episode of the first season of Drifters and now it’s time to give you my last impression on the show.

I simply say that I loved it. This series is definitely part of my favorite anime of 2016.

Drifters is quite different from all the other anime I watch from 2016, it’s probably one of the darkest, and I’m not only talking about the story and all the blood we see, but also the choose of color. Bright color doesn’t really have their place here.

I liked the idea of taking various historical figure and make them fight each other, people who would never meet in real life since they are coming from different era. Turning Joan of Arc into a villain is also interesting since she is a Saint, but the reason why she is on the bad side of the story is logical. They didn’t come up with a stupid reason behind her being with the Black King.

Now that the first season is over, I can tell you that I enjoyed every single episode of the series. The balance between the comedy and the fight/action is good. Every dark and more bloody episode has their funny moment.

As announced in the last episode of the season, we will eventually get a second season, we just don’t know which year it will happen. Just hope it not gonna take five years before we get that second season, cause I’m totally looking forward to it. There is a lot of character they introduced, Drifters and End, that we haven’t really see in action and I can’t wait to see them fight.


If you like History, action and series with a lot of blood and some comedy you will enjoyed this series.

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