Pretty sure some of you had a déjà vu impression when you saw the title. I finished my 25 Days Anime Male Characters Challenge a couple of days ago and I have to admit that for some days it was kind of hard to only choose two characters. Also the fact that I didn’t wanted to use a character for more than one day, while I could have put some character at more than one place, didn’t make it easy to. Therefore I decide to review that challenge and had some character for each day. But this time you might see the same character more than once.

But before going any further, I have to thanks heyitszel from ARCHI-ANIME, I got the idea after talking with her.

Now time for my Top 10 Sport Anime Male Crush,even if I really enjoy sport anime sport anime, I didn’t watch a lot so far. So for this top I took my two favorite characters from the five sport anime I watched and rank them. sound easy right? but nope I change the rank at least three times before writing this post.

10th Position

Nanase Haruka from Free!

Haru is a cutie, if it doesn’t involve water, he doesn’t give a shit about it, which might cause him some trouble.


9th Position

Momoshiro Takeshi from Prince of Tennis

Momo is probably one of the best senpai Echizen and the other first year could have. He is really friendly and always there to give a hand.

8th Postion

Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!!

I already said it in a previous post, Hinata is precious, he need to be protected, we don’t deserve him. Cute little crow.

7th Position

Katsuki Yuuri from Yuri!!! on Ice

Precious katsudon, seeing him become more sure of himself, developing his self-esteem was a bless. Yuuri can be really adorable yet sexy two second later.

6th Postion

Tezuka Kunimitsu from Prince of Tennis

That guy is way to serious, he need to learn how to laugh, but that what make him charming to my eyes. He is a good captain. He is respected by the club member, his aura command authority.

5th Position

Kagami Taiga from Kuroko no Basuke

Innocent Basket Ball idiot, like Haru his is married to his sport. If it’s not related to basket ball or burger, he is pretty clueless. But he can also show a serious side…on the basketball court.

4th Position

Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! on Ice

Ice King, belong to the kastudon. Viktor is the definition of grace and elegance on ice, but he also have an adorable side. He really try to be the best coach for Yuri.

3rd Position

Mastuoka Rin from Free!

Precious little shark who doesn’t really bite. He try to act tough, but he hide a soft side who is worrying about everyone around him, even if he pretend to not care.

2nd Postion

Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu!!

Hard to not love him, at first he might appear cold and distant. He might look like someone who look down on other people, but once you get to know him, you quickly realize it just a facade. in fact he is just a volleyball idiot you doesn’t know how to socialize with other.

1st Position

Aomine Daiki from Kuroko No Basuke

Perverted Basketball idiot. You better have big boob a-la Momoi if you want to get his attention or beat him if you play basketball. But since the only one who can beat him, it’s himself alone, you better look for push-bra…
Of Course, he is the one that need to be in this position right? I just love the guy. Like Rin and Kageyama you have to get to know him to since how precious he can be.

This conclude my Top 10 Sport Anime Male Crush, hope you enjoyed as much I enjoyed writing it. Now if you have any suggestion for the next Top, let me know in the comment below. If not, I might stay in the Sport Anime theme and rank my favorite main sport team and my favorite rival team and why not my favorite match.

See Ya!!

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Sport Anime Male Crush

  1. Ahahaha! Yummy list! You had Tezuka here, where’s Atobe? He’s hot too. And I’m not at all surprised by your #1 choice. Seems like you’re Aomine forever and ever and ever and ever (echo continues). Great list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I just want to make sure people knows that the only one who can beat Aomine it’s Aomine himself 😂.
      As for Atobe he is 3rd in my overall PoT rank, but 1st as favorite character from a rival team. 😆 Should do a “Get to Know Me” post on Prince of Tennis.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha! Well, Aomine is intense after all. But I’m more into Akashi. Oooooh. Who’s your 2nd in PoT? I’m assuming that Tezuka is you #1. Yes, you should. I’ll be interested in that kind of post.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, that Haruka gif. *_*

    I would love to read your other top lists relating to sports anime. I’m actually thinking about making a Top 5 or 10 Favorite Haikyu!! Characters List.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Should’ve seen the number 1 spot coming! LOL, i’m surpised Haru is number 10!? So low on the list! And no makoto for you!?! Shocking!
    I gave you this idea? Hmmm, well if its us fangirling over our favorite sports shows and boys then yes. that makes sense. Overall a fantastic list of boys ❤ – Gah, Can i even do this?! Hard to make this list with man crush monday about to debut!

    Liked by 1 person

    Bless that cute gif of Hinata, followed by “I’ve become your daddy” Yuuri 😹😹😹👌
    I totally thought Aomine was a super jerk until later on in the series and seasons we finally see he’s just a big basketball nerd, and hot to boot hmmhmm👀👀😈
    Definitely enjoyed all your gifs and picks ohoho (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. /fans self
        You know how to hook us in 👌👌👌
        Definitely is a gift, Viktor rides his Daddy from time to time (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        Yeah, same! Once they beat him he mellowed to the dork he is, bless 😹😹😹😹

        Liked by 1 person

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