Kuroko Tetsuya is a fictional character from the anime and manga series Kuroko no Basuke. He is one of the two main character of the series. When he was in middle school, he was part of the boy basketball team, known as the sixth member of the Generation of Miracle, he was the phantom member. He is a player of the shadow, since he doesn’t have any presence at all, the player of the rival team, tend to not notice him, thus he can change the direction of the pass with a technique called “misdirection”.

I have two kinds of anime crush, the dominant one, like Aomine, or the precious one, like Hinata, sometimes it can be both dominant and precious, like Kagami. Kuroko is part of the second category, the precious one.
Cause yes he is really precious.

He use to be part of the best middle-school basketball team, even if he didn’t have an awesome relation with all the other member, he still liked to play with them. Everything change toward the middle of his third year, when victory became more important than having fun. When is best friend and him start to see thing differently.

That one of the several reason why we decide to go to Seirin, he didn’t want to follow his old team-mate, he didn’t want to play with people who are more concern by their personal record than the game in itself. He decide to go in a school where he could prove that he didn’t need the member of the Generation of Miracle to win a can. That’s what I call determination, cause he is really not the best at this sport that he love, he can’t even shoot properly, but acting in the shadow, he help his team to win their game.

After winning the Winter Cup against the team of the old captain, Akashi, they all meet up for Kuroko’s birthday at Kagami’s place and the smile of Tetsu-chan is priceless.

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