2PM is a South Korean six-members boy group sign under J.Y.P Entertainment. The group debuted as a seven-member boy group but in 2010 Jay Park left the group due to internal problems. Now he pursue a successful solo career. When they promote with 2AM, an other South Korean boy group, they are referred as One Day.

2PM have a quite prolific career in Japan. From their Japanese debut in 2011 with the album Republic of 2PM and their album “Galaxy of 2PM” (God that so original) released in April 2016, the group release five Japanese albums.

Their Japanese debut single, “Take Off”, was use for the first ending of the anime series Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

TV Size


As I said, “Take Off” was their Japanese debut single, the track is from their first Japanese, “Republic of 2PM” album release in 2011. On this album you can also found “I’m Your Man” and the Japanese version of “I’ll Be Back”.

I’m Your Man

I’ll Be Back

Last year, in April, they release their fifth Japanese album “Galaxy of 2PM” which “Higher” as lead single


Some times when a group start promoting in Japan, they lose in popularity in their home country, South Korea, but however it’s not the case with 2PM. The group debut in 2009 with the album “01:59PM” which include the songs “Heartbeat” and “Again & Again”.


Again & Again

More recently they came back with their sixth album “Gentlemen’s Game” which include the single “Promise (I’ll Be)”

Promise (I’ll Be)

The group have a lot of good song so it was a bit hard for me to not put them all. That’s why I will only pick my two top song.

“A.D.T.O.Y ” from the album “Grown” release in 2013

“Hands Up” from the album of the same name release in 2011

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