Boyfriend is a six-members boy group sign under Starship Entertainment. They debuted in 2011 with the single Boyfriend.

Like most the younger generation, Boyfriend have a good Japanese career. In 2013 the group performed the 44th ending of the anime series Detective Conan (Case Closed), “Hitomi no Melody”


The group made his Japanese debut in 2012 with the single “Be my Shine” that can also be found on the album “Seventh Mission”. They later released in 2014 the album “Seventh Color” including the tracks “My Avatar” and “Startup!”

Be my Shine

My Avatar


Like all the group in this series, Boyfriend start by leaving their mark, in the home country, South Korea.

They debuted in 2011 with the single “Boyfriend” follow by “Don’t Touch my Girl” and “I’ll be There”


Don’t Touch my Girl

I’ll be There

Although Boyfriend is more know to be a blubbly group with happy song, I always rather their more dark release like “Janus”, “I Yah”, “Obsession” and “Witch”.


I Yah



In 2015 the came back with “Bounce” on the Korean scene and last year with “Jackpot” their 8th Japanese single



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