Basic Information
Japanese Title: Don Chuck Monogatari
English Title: Don Chuck Stories
French Title: Le Petit Castor
Genre: Adventure, Kids, Slice of Life
Original Aired Date: Apr 5, 1975 to Sep 27, 1975
Episode Count: 26


Anime News Network

Young beaver Chuck’s adventure with his little friends. When thy are in trouble, Chuck often asks his father to help them out

Opening / Ending






Normally I would also post the french ending, however they are almost the same. The french version is only the instrumental track.

OMG that’s an other one that made me cried more than once. It was such a cute story. I know ANN doesn’t say much a bout the plot, therefore I will add this. Chuck main goal was to found his mother that left the house before the start of the series….I would like to spoil everything and tell you he found her, but I can’t, I don’t remember how it ends…guess I will have to find a place to watch it.

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