BoA is a South Korean pop soloist sign under S.M Entertainment. She debuted at the age of thirteen with a debut album “ID; Piece B” in 2000. She is probably one of the most prolific South Korean idol, with TVXQ, on the Japanese market.

BoA is a quite popular idol in South Korea, a lot of idol of the younger generation look up to her. She debuted at a really young age, thirteen, with her first album “ID; Piece B”. About one yr after the release of that first album, in 2001, she make her debut on the Japanese market with the Japanese version of “ID, Piece B”. Later, in 2002, she would release her first Japanese album “Listen to my Heart”.

This popularity in on the land of the raising sun probably allowed her to make one ending and one opening of popular anime series.

The first one is the 4th ending of Inuyasha “Every Heart” that can also be found on her first Japanese album “Listen to my Heart”

“Every Heart”

She also performed the 15th opening of Fairy Tail “Masayume Chasing”. The track that can be found on her most recent Japanese album “Who’s Back” release in 2014.

“Masayume Chasing”

As I said her first Japanese album, “Listen to my Heart”, was release in 2002 and the 4th ending of the popular anime Inuyasha can be found on it. On this LP you will also found “Kimochi wa Tsutawaru”

“Kimochi was Tsutawaru”

In 2014 she made her comeback on the Japanese market with the album “Who’s Back” which include the 15th opening of Fairy Tail. This 8th Japanese album also include “Shout it Out”

“Shout it Out”

BoA is probably one of the most talented artist of SM Entertainment. She released eight full album and four extended plays. Of course I don’t like every single song she released, so I will just give you the one I like the most.

“Only One” (2012)

“The Shadow” (2012)

“Disturbance” (2013)

Bonus “Eat You Up” release in 2009 on her English album

So far since the beginning of her career in 2001 with “ID; Piece B”, BoA released eight Korean album and plus eight Japanese album and most of her album reach the Top 10 of either the Gaon Music Chart or the Oricon Music Chart. In 2009 she also release an album in the US entitle “BoA”

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