Basic Information
Japanese Title: Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken
English Title: Maya the Bee
French Title: Maya L’Abeille
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Kids
Original Aired Date: Apr 1, 1975 to Apr 20, 1976
Episode: 52


Maya, a newborn honeybee, brims with curiosity about the world around her. From the time she is born, she is brought up to be a worker bee, but it is difficult for her to understand and follow the strict rules of the hive because of her individuality and strong desire for independence.

Having collected all the honey around the honeycomb, Maya decides to set out on an adventure to find a flower garden in order to collect more honey for the hive. Her intentions are noble, but because she leaves the hive without permission, the Queen sends Maya’s friend Willy to search for the little troublemaker. Willy joins Maya in her quest, and together, beyond the familiar hive, the two friends marvel at the sheer beauty that nature has to offer.

Through many experiences—sometimes enjoyable, sometimes terrible or sad—and encounters with various insects, Maya matures into a strong and wise honeybee.

Opening and Ending

English Opening

French Opening

I really would like to give you deep thoughts about that show, but I must admit, that I don’t remember much about it except the opening. And trying to find the 52 episodes just to re-watch it…would be a pain …sorry. Maya the Bee was a big part of my childhood…even if I…don’t remember much of it ^^;; sorry.

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