Go Yoonha, better known as Younha, is a South Korean singer-songwriter who debut in Japan in 2004 with her single “Yubikiri” for the Monday drama Tokyo Wankei~Destiny of Love~. In Japan, Younha is sign under MEPLUS Entertainment and her South Korean agency is C9 Entertainment.

Unlike most of the South Korean artist, Younha made her first debut in Japan. She did pass lot of interview with SK label, but seems they thoughts she wasn’t pretty enough to have success even if she sang well.

Since her Japanese debut in 2004, Younha performed the 3rd ending song of Bleach, “Houkiboshi”, the ending of Jyu Oh Sei, “Te wo Tsunaide”, the ending of Rideback, “Kioku” and the 2nd opening of Kiba, “Hakanaku Tsuyoku”.


“Te wo Tsunaide”

“Kioku” ft Goku (Tablo)

“Hakanaku Tsuyoku”

Although she made her debut in Japane, Younha still have a prolific career in her homeland. Even if I don’t follow her career as much as other kpop act, there is still some song that I particularly like from Younha. All of the song are from her EP “Just Listen” release in 2013

Just Listen ft Skull

Sea Child


From her debut in 2004 on the land of the raising sun until today, Younha released four Japanese album, the more recent was release in 2015, and six Korean album, the latest being released in 2012. All her Korean album reach the top 3 on the Gaon chart. In addition to her ten album, Younha released three mini-albums.

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