Sometimes they have a purpose in the series other time they are just fluffy and useless creature there just to be cute. In the various anime that I watched I probably encounter more of the second category than the first one. However putting both categories together I was able to come up with the Top of this week.

So here my Top 5 of favorite critters and pets we see in anime and/or manga series.

5th Position

Makkachin from Yuri on Ice

Makkachin is the Poodle belonging to Viktor Nikiforov, beside being a fluffy dog he doesn’t have any purpose in the series. However if that glutton haven’t eaten those meat bun the airport scene will not exist. So thanks to that dog for trying to kill myself.

4th Position

Karupin from Prince of Tennis

Karupin is a cute fluffy Himalayan cat owned by Echizen Ryoma. Although we don’t see him a lot in the anime series, Karupin still have his own episode entitle “Karupin’s adventure”

3rd Position

Ein from Cowboy Bebop

Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Ein use to be a laboratory dog and his intelligent got enhanced during some research. The Corgi doesn’t have any known owner, even if we usually see him with Ed, but he is still part of the Bebop crew.

2nd Poisition

Nigou from Kuroko no Basuke

His breed might be unknown, but Nigou, or Tetsuya #2, is probably one of the cutest dog of the anime and manga world. The little dog belong to Kuroko Tetsuya but the whole Seirin take care of him. He even become the mascot of the team and of his very own jersey. His name comes of the fact that he really look like Tetsuya with his large round blue eyes.

1st Position

Kerobero from Card Captor Sakura

Kerobero or Kero-chan, is a little yellow critter that look like a plush toy but soon as he take his original form, he become a majestic glutton lion. Kero is the only critter on the list and he is the most useful one. He is not just cute but he also bring a lot of support to Sakura when she is going after the card.

This was my Top 5 of critters and pets who can be seen in anime series and manga.
Which are you favorite critters or pets that can be seen in anime and manga ?

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