What did I Post this Past Week

02/06/17 – Anime Crush: Midorima Shintarou

02/07/17 – [Manga] Angelic Layer

02/08/17 – Noragami

02/09/17 – [TBT] Adventure on Rainbow Pond

02/10/17 – Top 5 Critters/Pets in Anime and Manga

02/11/17 – Kpop in Anime: A Pink


Post that Caught my Attention

A Lack of Communication and Its Implications as Seen in “Yuri!!! on Ice” – OWLS Feburary Blog Tour | Flight by Remyfool from The Lily Garden


Yuri On Ice – Love and Life (OWLS Blog Tour) by Two Happy Cats from Two Happy Cats

Just Like My Love Life, This Doesn’t Exist| Real and Fake Fans by Jill from Jills Writings on Anime

Tuesday Top 5: Anime from P.A Works by Karandi from 100 Word Anime

No Longer Human: Osamu Dazai by heitszel from ARCHI-ANIME

Salty or Sweet? | 4 Cinnamon Buns in Anime! by Jill from Jills Writings on Anime

Melanin Monday: My Top 5 Favorite Black Female Anime Characters by Naja from Nice Job Breaking It, Hero


My Watch List

** Attention Contain Spoilers**

~ Continue Watching ~

Nanbaka ep. 19
I was really hoping that whole shitfest in building 5 will be resolved but nope not this week. One thing it gave us is a little more information about Jyugo but not a lot…really not alot. Hajime and Samon are still in their cell. Our dear inmates will probably get to them if they are not kill before. Enki already had an encounter with Jyugo in the past but the later remember shit.
Looking forward the next episode, I feel like Nico will play a big part. We will probably see what happen when he doesn’t take his medication.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. ep. 5
Acca is a show about bread, that whole coup d’état thing is just a side story.
Jean came back to his district for a few days before going back. This time we visit Birra district. the district is probably located in the north since he always snowing. On place, Jean noticed he is being watched and when he realize who watch it, he react like only him could react, he doesn’t give a damn.

elDLIVE ep. 5
Gucchi is indeed the childhood friend Chuuta had lost and he is the captain of the bad guy, th De Mille. They want Dolugh, but Chuuta is not planning to hand him over. Once again we are witnessing Sonokata transformation à la Sailor Moon. Sonotaka fight against Gucchi, which was a pretty good fight. Obviously she can’t be the hero, therefore when she is knock out, Chuuta take over and same the day. Gucchi tell him that he think their two other friend are still alive somewhere in the universe. The teaser of the next episode show us Sonotake being arrested for murder.

Saga of Tanya the Evil ep 6
Tanya stay truth to herself and take down bomber all alone, thanks to her little prayer. Not only she take down the bomber but also an observation post. Once again she met with Being X a.k.a God. The latter tell her that the war she was fighting in become a World War. Let’s see how thing gonna go from there.

Spiritpact ep6
Finally thing start to get interesting. Now we know why Tanmoku decide to take You Keita. Keita is the descendant of You Nei the servant of the first youmeishi of the Tanmoku family. When the latter got berserk and kill everyone around him. Nei killed him with the sword Keita got during the ceremony. Tanmoku Ki probably knew all this and still decide to take Keita as shadow spirit. Now that the same sword that killed his ancestor is piercing his body, I wonder if he regret his decision. I’m really curious how thing will go for now on, pretty sure Keita will get in trouble, but even if he got almost kill by him Tanmoku Ki will still protect him.

~ Let’s Drop That ~

Hands Shakers is forever alone

~ On Hold for Now ~

Trickster, haven’t look at which episode they are now.

This is happen happen during the 20 weeks of my blog, hope you enjoyed it !!

See Ya next time !!


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